Comparing Two People For Compatibility

Published: 16th February 2009
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Below I have listed a few examples of how different signs get along with each other. Of course if you want to get a more detailed picture the best way to do it is get both people to enter their birth dates with time and place included. It really is uncanny how people really do match up according to when they were born.

I didn't make the rules - it just happens to be this way. We just read what comes out!

But always remember ANY two signs can get along - it's a complete fallacy to think otherwise.

If you'd like to go farther feel free top drop by anytime.

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Aries And Aries:

This union will most likely never be boring. Both people have a natural love for adventure and both usually have excellent energy levels. Aries women love the thrill of beng chased and an Aries male is all too willing to engage. Being the first of the sun signs the two will have a natural inclination to look out for number one a tad more than the average person.

Taking time outs from each other so that they can enjoy some self-indulgence periods is highly recommended. One of the two will want to lead as Mars (force and sexuality) rules both signs. That doesn't automatically mean the man will lead, many Aries women have strong leadership skills.

Many Aries couples are sought after for parties and other gatherings because of their frank, exciting and refreshing approach when interacting with others. They can take the crowd up the heights of adventurous stories and down to heart wrenching sentimental moments.

Aries And Leo:

Let the bash begin! Pouring gasoline on the fire is often the outcome when these two get together. The only problem is who is going to lead the way - our bet is on Leo. Aries may want to take the reins, but Leo usually has more experience and patience. Leo would however be smart to let Aries have some substantial amount of power, even if only seems like token amount to Leo in the grand scheme of things.

Wherever these two go, people will quite likely sit up and take notice and they both wouldn't have it any other way! Both are expressive romantically, one can only imagine the outpouring of affection inside this fireball of a love affair.

Scorpio And Pisces:

These two are as natural together as water trickling through a stream. Pisces will hypnotize the Scorpion like no other Zodiac sign can and that in itself is a feat. Scorpio is usually immune to that kind of thing. Pisces just has a way of staying on the Scorpions mind. Likewise there is something familiar about Scorpio that touches the Fish to the core.

Scorpio may seem a bit dangerous and volcanic at first, but Pisces is soon able to see beyond the protective layers to the deeply sensitive side. Scorpio instinctively trusts the soft, sublime Pisces nature and that may be why Scorpio let's it's shields down so willingly. Pisces is not only inspired by Scorpio's strength, but is strongly attracted to it. In turn Pisces innocent and deeply humane character is like an oasis for Scorpio.

People around them will see them as inseparable, quite mysterious, with an uncanny way of staying completely in tune with each other.

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